Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I visit a dentist?

To prevent, detect, and treat any abnormalities or disease that may occur in or around the mouth.

How often should I visit the dentist?

At a minimum, annual dental examinations are often recommended, but should be based on individual needs. Some people will need to see the dentist more frequently depending on their increased risks for oral diseases and their dental needs. Make an appointment today to figure out what schedule is best for you.

Why do I need a complete dental examination?

To check soft tissues (oral cancer screening), screen and examine for periodontal disease and cavities, and to chart existing restorations and other tooth conditions. Dental radio-graphs (x-rays) may be needed to assist the dentist in locating disease that cannot be seen by the eye.

How do I know when it is time to come in for a check-up?

Your hygienist will help you understand what recall interval is needed to keep your mouth healthy. We will schedule your next appointment before you leave. We will also send you a reminder card and give you a call.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to put our years of training and experience to work for you!! We truly look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your oral healthcare needs.

Kindly notify us at least two (2) days in advance, should any unforeseen or emergency circumstances prevent you from making your scheduled appointment.