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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures Wilmington NC are defined as over-dentures, affixed to the gums via the use of implants.  For patients who have dentures that fit too loosely or simply feel uncomfortable, an implant supported denture Wilmington NC offers greater comfort.  The denture itself is stabilized with the implants and delivers a comfortable dental solution.

Here is how the process works, at a glance. The dental implants are placed in the jaw.  They are kept firmly in place by the surrounding bone.  Attachments are placed on the underside of the denture itself.  They are then connected to the implants.  When the patient inserts the denture into his or her mouth- the denture snaps onto the implants.  The dentures is then held in a stable and snug-fitting position.

What are the benefits of implant supported dentures Wilmington NC?

There are several benefits that come from having your dentures supported by implants.  The fit of the dentures can be markedly improved which can lead the patient to a greater sense of self-confidence.  Any worries about dentures or false teeth slipping, shifting, or falling out are removed by the implants.

This is also a more comfortable way to wear dentures.  The implants hold the dentures in a firm, locked position.  There is much less irritation caused to the gum tissues.  The pain and the canker sores experienced by denture wearers are significantly reduced.

On top of these benefits, implant supported dentures Wilmington NC also help ward off common problems such as bone loss, jaw shrinkage, and slurred speech—making for an altogether healthier option.